Clearwell, PLLC is registered in Illinois

Clearwell is licensed and registered in Illinois

Clearwell, PLLC is registered to provide professional engineering services in the State of Illinois.  Registration in Illinois now allows Clearwell to practice in Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, Colorado and Idaho.  In the State of Illinois, each of the Design Profession Acts requires any business that offers or provides professional design services in Illinois to be registered with the Department as a Professional Design Firm. The only exception to this statutory requirement is a licensed sole proprietor who offers or provides design services in his or her individual name and is not employing other individuals to perform work for which professional licensure is required. However, any sole proprietorship conducting business as a design professional under an assumed name is required to register as a professional design firm. Any sole proprietorship not owned by an Illinois licensed design professional is prohibited from offering professional engineering services to the public. Each Registered Professional Design Firm is authorized to provide specific types of work, namely architecture, professional engineering, structural engineering and/or land surveying. All technical submissions prepared by a Professional Design Firm shall contain the design firm registration number issued by the Department. Local code enforcement officials may contact the Department at to verify the type of business entity, the firm registration number, the expiration of registration and the specific type of work the firm is authorized to perform. A code enforcement official may also request from the firm a copy of its Professional Design Firm Registration. It is a violation of the Design Profession Acts to solicit or provide services if the firm is not authorized to offer that type of work.

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