Connection to City Sewer and Community Wide Sewer Improvements

Manufactured Home Communities Photo

Clearwell was hired by the owners of the Redwood Manor Manufactured Home Community to evaluate the existing sanitary sewer system and recommend improvements.  The existing septic system which served 140 homes, was failing and the tanks were being pumped every two to three weeks to prevent backups.  Clearwell reviewed the existing system and determined that due to high ground water in the area, the existing leach fields were not draining, which was causing backups in the system.  In addition, the existing septic tanks were far too small for the newer homes that had been moved into the community.

Due to County requirements, the existing septic system could not be repaired, and the community was required to connect to a recent sanitary sewer extension that was completed by the City of Pontic.  The connection required the installation of a new collection system throughout the community and extension of a main across the adjacent county highway.  The City’s sewer is a 10” force main, which required a lift station to be located at the downstream end of the community’s collection system.  Contractor cost estimates were north of $1.8 million dollars for the proposed improvements

Based on the high costs of the proposed improvements, Clearwell evaluated additional options and determined that a Septic Tank Effluent Pump system could be used, which would cost the community approximately $900,000 in capital costs.   Project design and approval is underway, with construction expected in the Spring of 2021.